Monthly Archives: November 2012

Paper Talk: Language and Saving Behavior – REVISITED!

While attending Thanksgiving dinner at a professor’s house (she was kind enough to invite me over as I’m stuck on campus finishing up my apps!) I had a long and very interesting conversation with a linguist! She was asking me about econ, and I thought she might have heard of a paper I posted about […]

Allow Me to Ramble: Hello NSF!

In some exciting personal news – I SUBMITTED MY NSF APP LAST NIGHT!!! WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO I included a link to my blog. On the offhand chance that someone reading my application decides to wander over and check out EpicNomics: thank you and welcome! -Priya

Paper Talk: Everybody Wants to Be Popular

… and a featured NBER paper seeks to quantify exactly why, and how, popularity pays off. Popularity Pays Off I’m a steadfast believer that your smarts are what get you where you want to go in life – and this paper starts off that way. But, the musical Wicked couldn’t have devoted an entire song […]

Allow Me to Ramble: Obama’s Behavioral Crew

Imagine my surprise (and joy) when I ran across this New York Times article¬†that detailed President Obama’s excellent usage of behavioral economics in his ultimately successful campaign for reelection. Not only did the president draw on what research has established to combat negative attack ads, get voters to trust him and get voters to actually […]