Monthly Archives: May 2012

Allow Me to Ramble: I’m Going to India!

This blog will be on hiatus for June through August, as I will be a research assistant in Hyderabad for JPAL! I’m working on the Andhra Pradesh Smartcards Project, and I’ve been learning a lot about it, so I can provide a short description. India is woefully crippled by corruption. It is estimated that only […]

Paper Talk: Gender and Referee Kindness

The topic of this post is a cool paper I ran across that seeked to answer the question: are female referees nicer? To males? Or to females? Or to neither? Charity and Favoritism in the Field: Are Female Economists Nicer (To Each Other?) I feel like my predictions for this paper were rooted heavily in […]

Paper Talk: Enter the Health Lottery

Today I’m going to talk about the Oregon Health Lottery, basically a gift sent from above to economists who wanted to study healthcare! The Oregon Health Insurance Experiment: Evidence From the First Year There’s really nothing going against the experimental design here – Oregon used a lottery, which is the definition of random, to select […]