Monthly Archives: March 2012

Paper Talk: Everybody Hates Parking Meters

… but some people don’t have to deal with them! Aha, an opportunity to do some economic sleuthing. This post is going to be about a paper on corruption that I learned about my sophomore spring, and was recently reminded of. It’s a paper that tries to ascertain whether corruption is partially a cultural phenomenon. […]

Allow Me to Ramble: A SacerBro Paper

I finished up college coaching, and thought I’d post on some awesome research by Professor Sacerdote. First off, where to start! Professor Sacerdote (SacerBro)’s website has the craziest collection of cool papers on an assortment of topics. I’m going to talk about his paper on Blitz, in true Dartmouth fashion. He basically measured the correlations […]

Paper Talk: Recessions and PhD Econ Cohort Productivity Spikes

I’m cracking away on my macro paper and thought I’d post about the paper on which it is based. The Allocation of Talent: Evidence from the Market of Economists Basically, as I wrote about in an earlier post, recessions at graduation cause college grads to opt for graduate school at higher rates. This obviously makes […]