Monthly Archives: February 2012

Allow Me to Ramble: Psycho-nomics

I feel like I’ve been hearing a lot lately about the marriage of economics and psychology. I personally love behavioral, and I feel like the two fields can each contribute something to the other – economics can contribute its understanding of endogeneity and statistical analysis, and psychology can contribute its knowledge of the very non-standard […]

Paper Talk: Fear is a Cool Variable

I’m keeping with the theme of popping random search words into NBER and seeing what comes up. Today’s word? Fear. The Geography of Fear This paper is interesting in that it establishes a variable that you don’t normally see in economics research. Just like happiness, fear is a variable that you wouldn’t normally consider to […]

Paper Talk: Religious Organizations and Insuring Happiness

Searching “happiness” on the NBER working papers database was a very good idea. There are a ton of cool papers floating around in there, and today’s paper combines models of human consumption-smoothing behavior with… you would have never guessed it… your temple/mosque/church/[insert religious place here]! Insuring Consumption and Happiness Through Religious Organizations One of the […]